St. Andrews Baby Unit - Kandara

St. Andrews BabiesSt Andrews Baby Unit is a project initiated and supported by Vision Africa within the grounds of Kandara Children’s Home. The opening of the baby unit in November 2007 saw the start of another chapter of the home’s story. It is designed to accommodate up to fifteen babies and children under three years old and incorporates a room for small newborn babies and a second room for older, stronger children. It also has its own kitchen, dining/recreation area indoors and an enclosed and covered area outside where the children can play.

The baby unit has been set up to take in babies and young children from desperate situations some of whom might only be a few days old. Within this safe environment, these vulnerable babies will be cared for until a loving family is found from the local community to adopt them. If a child reaches three years of age without being adopted, they move into a dormitory within the children’s home.

St. Andrews Baby SleepingIn January 2008, the first baby was brought in at only two weeks old having been abandoned in the local market and then handed over to the police. She has now been fostered by a family who hope to adopt her, as have several other infants. Over the last few years more than twenty babies and infants have been cared for by Matron Lucy and her team at the St. Andrews Baby Unit.

Some have been orphaned as their mother died in childbirth or shortly after, others have been abandoned in school playgrounds or by the side of a river, some rescued from desperate situations. The babies are from many circumstances but all share the same basic needs – shelter, food and care – which are all catered for in the unit. Whatever their circumstances they are safe and well cared for by our dedicated team of staff.

As with all Vision Africa projects, the St. Andrews Baby Unit has set up an income generating activity as a step towards self-sustainability. Mothers in the local area pay to use the unit as a day care centre to allow them to go out to work. The proceeds contribute towards the running costs of caring for the young children who live at the unit.

Sponsorship and support

St. Andrews BabyAs a charity, we depend on sponsorship for our survival. We run a sponsorship programme where donors can sponsor a cot and pay a monthly contribution of £16 or an annual payment of £192 which helps towards the running costs of the unit. These funds are expected to provide around half of the funds required on a monthly basis. The remainder is sought through international fundraising and donations in kind from local well-wishers. With more than 10 babies in residence, the unit requires regular supplies of nappies, formula, toiletries and cleaning products. All donations are very much appreciated and put to good use.

If you would like to sponsor a cot, make a donation or get further information about this project please contact us using our contact form. Alternatively, you might like to ask for a collection box designed to collect loose change for the Baby Unit. A box placed in your home, shop or place of work could soon fill up with cash that can make a vital contribution towards the running of this very special unit.

With your support we can make a real difference in the lives of these most vulnerable children. To make a one off donation to Vision Africa now with credit or debit card please click the button below.

50p gives a child a main meal every day they are at school.

£1 a week pays for a child’s education.

Updated June 2012.