Powerful Words from Seed of Hope

2012 will be remembered as the year we reached the milestone of over one thousand girls graduating from Seed of Hope. As part of the colourful graduation ceremonies, girls were given the opportunity to share their testimonies of what impact the programme has had on their lives.

We would like to share two of the testimonies from Seed of Hope Nairobi.

Mariam has just completed her first year of studies.

My name is Mariam, I’m a first year at Seed of Hope training centre and am doing dressmaking, crafts and business skills.

My life before I joined Seed of Hope was miserable. I did not know whom to turn to. My friends abandoned me because they wanted me to engage myself doing illegal things but I refused. I felt lonely and helpless. I even gave up in life and waited for what will come next. I felt so useless in this world. People used to talk saying that I had no future ahead of me and I was discouraged and so I started searching for casual jobs. They told me hurtful things which I could not take anymore.

I used to cry every day and night praying to God to show me the way and he definitely did, praise be to Him.

Since I enrolled in this institute my life totally changed. I became the happiest girl. I enjoy every minute I spend here. The teachers are very friendly – they give words of encouragement and wisdom. They are the best mentors I have ever come across. The students are very friendly too. When I interact with them I feel like I am close to my brothers and sisters. In this institute they teach us life skills, good grooming and healthy lifestyle.

If not for God and Madam Deborah my life would be nothing.

I am sad today to see my fellow students going whom we have spent time together. What I can advise the graduates is life is what you make it. Outside there you are going to face many challenges but don’t forget the skills you have been provided with for the two years you have been at Seed of Hope. We will miss you very much. Don’t forget Seed of Hope and you should always work hard in your business.

And to our Director, Madam Deborah, I would like to thank you so much for coming up with a well thought of idea of giving destitute girls and boys hope for their future through giving them skills, knowledge and confidence. May God bless you and your family and continue with the same spirit.”

Purity has been the head girl at Seed of Hope Nairobi this year as she completed her second year of studies.

My name is Purity Mugasia. I’m a second year student. I’m eighteen years old.

It is a privilege to stand before you at this moment to talk to you about my experience for the time I have been here. I joined Seed of Hope because my parents didn’t have enough money to take me to secondary school. Life before Seed of Hope was tough and rough. Indeed hard. I got discouraged and I lost my hope and dignity but since I came to Seed of Hope my life changed for the better.

Life at Seed of Hope has been good since we have been provided with social life skills and every day meal. Seed of Hope has changed my life through the skills that I have been learning hence I can now express myself freely in front of a congregation.

Through my vocational training I am capable of making different patterns out of beads that will promote entrepreneurship in the future. The skills I have learned in dressmaking and business, I’m going to put them in to practice when I’m going to open my business. In addition, the meal that we eat here each and every day helps the students to concentrate in class thanks to that.

Being here, my life has grown spiritually and in terms of confidence. Through the morning devotions in the morning I have grown to know God and my life has been built on the solid rock. Being here I have benefited with many things – the skills, confidence, knowledge…not forgetting the materials they provide for us.

My sincere encouragement to the first year is focus – don’t lose hope and faith, don’t give up on your studies for you are going to make it in life and you will be somewhere one day.

My second sincere encouragement goes to the graduates. Portray a good picture of Seed of Hope out there. Implement what you have been taught at Seed of Hope and put into action as you are going to open your business. Lead by example and become role models in society.

My third encouragement goes to the sponsors, teachers and parents for their hard work that they have attributed towards us all through, supporting us and ushering us with skills and clothes.

The last sincere encouragement goes to our Director, Mrs Deborath Kimathi, for the full support she has been giving us and we hope she will still render the same programme to others. I am grateful and happy for the care and love you have shown us all. May God bless you.

Thank you all.

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By Kirsty

Kirsty is our Fundraising and Communications Officer and she joined Vision Africa as Fundraiser in 2008 after volunteering with the organisation for over one year. She is based full time in Kenya. Click here for full bio