Staff Training

With Seed of Hope closed for April holidays, it was time for the staff to head back to the classroom for a training session that lasted two days. The Nairobi centre played host to all the teachers who travelled from Kisii, Kitui and Kariti Seed of Hope centres for this regular event which allows an opportunity to share experiences and skills as well as receiving updates on the syllabus.

The workshop started with each centre reporting their general highlights and challenges of term one. This allows an opportunity for staff to share experiences and offer solutions to problems or learn creative new ideas that they can adopt at their own centre. Next came a session which looked at how Seed of Hope can enhance enrolment procedures and ensure we get the correct kind of girls – those who genuinely need help and will benefit most from Seed of Hope. 

Time for discussions and sharing experiences

As with all Vision Africa projects each Seed of Hope centre has been supported to set up income generating activities to allow them to become more self-sufficient. To help with this process and assess the progress made to date, a session was held on income generating activities with each centre sharing ideas, experiences and business advice. 

Another important discussion was around reviewing the syllabus and timetable.  The teachers split into groups and reviewed the unit/modular plan for each subject, ensuring that it was completely up to date and in line with our current goals. The timetable was also standardised in terms of the timings of each period, however each centre will continue to schedule its own lessons within this timetable.

The final session was on discipline and we had some very interesting (and entertaining) role plays as staff had to take on the part of unruly students!  This led to an indepth discussion on how to build mutual respect in our classrooms.

All in all, the training session was hailed as a success as you can see from the comments below from staff members.


Role plays as teachers become students in the class

‘The seminar has been so interesting. Coming together means bringing different ideas together.  We have had a chance to hear different views, ideas and challenges.  A chance like this is so important in the growth of Seed of Hope.’ (Njambi, Headteacher – Kariti)

‘It has been nice to see our progress since the last time we met.  It has been very interesting to hear from the other centres.’ (Lilian, Teacher – Nyamache,Kisii)

‘The seminar has been well organised having been attended by every teacher, and quite interesting.’ (Patience, Teacher – Kitui)

‘The seminar has been a chance to meet with members of staff beside having discussed on various issues affecting the coverage of the syllabus.  This has re-energised us and we are looking forward to the second term.’ (Edwin, Teacher – Kariti)

By Kirsty

Kirsty is our Fundraising and Communications Officer and she joined Vision Africa as Fundraiser in 2008 after volunteering with the organisation for over one year. She is based full time in Kenya. Click here for full bio